Equipment List

This is the equipment list for the 28th North Carolina Troops. Your basic items are the ones you should try to purchase first, they are marked with an (R). You should try to acquire these items as quickly as possible. The other items, marked with an (O), are optional. You do not have to purchase all of your equipment at one time, but we ask that you try to do so as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask!

For uniform materials and colors, contact the Captain, Adjutant, or any of the other NCOs.

Uniform & Clothing

____ Confederate Shell Jacket (R)
____ Federal Sack Coat (R)
____ Frock Coat (O)
____ Greatcoat (O)
____ Trousers, Confederate Issue (R)
____ Trousers, Federal Issue - Sky Blue (R)
____ Vest (O)
____ Shirt, Civilian or Military Pattern x2 (R)
____ Drawers, Muslin or Flannel x2 (O)
____ Wool/Cotton Socks x2 (R)
____ Braces (i.e. Suspenders) (R)
____ Brogans (i.e.- Military Shoes) (R)
____ Confederate Impression Head Gear. Forage Cap, Kepi, or Slouch Hat (R)
____ Federal Impression Head Gear. Forage Cap, or Kepi
____ Hat & Cap Insignia (O)

Equipment & Accouterments

____ CS, N.C. Enlisted Roller Buckle Waist Belt (R)
____ US Enlisted Waist Belt (O)
____ US Oval Waist Belt Plate (O)
____ Cap Pouch (R) *
____ Cartridge Box Sling (R) *
____ Cartridge Box (R)
____ Belt Bayonet Frog for correct style Bayonet (R) *
____ Bayonet Scabbard for correct style Bayonet (R) *
____ Federal Canteen (R) *
____ Tarred Haversack (R) *
____ Double-bag Knapsack (O)
____ Gum Blanket/Poncho (O)
____ Period Wool Blanket (O)


____ Musket (R) ***
____ Bayonet (R) ***

Personal Items ****

____ Tin Plate (R)
____ 19th Century Eating Utensils (R)
____ Tin Drinking Cup (R)
____ Housewife (i.e. Sewing Kit) (O)
____ Modern First-Aid Kit (O)
____ Prescribed Medication (R)
____ Reproduction Books (O)
____ Reproduction Drill Manual (R)
____ Dice, Cards, misc. Games, etc. (O)
____ Writing Utensil (O)
____ Paper (O)

Tentage & Camp Equipment

____ Wedge Tent & Poles (O)
____ Iron Tent Stakes (O)
____ Shelter Half (O)

* These items will work for both Confederate, and Union impressions.

** We only allow members to use 3-band muskets. Some of the options are the M1842 Springfield, M1861 Springfield, or M1853 Enfield. We do not require you to get one or the other; you may choose the one you like.

*** You will need to purchase whichever bayonet is proper for your musket. It is best that you DO NOT mail order the bayonet. Instead, purchase them at an event so you can ensure that there is a proper fit!

**** Personal Items: A lot of times, these are called "Haversack Stuffers". Listed here are only a few possibilities of optional items. You do not have to limit yourself to what is on this list. If you find any nick-knack, trinket, picture or anything that is appropriate to the 1861 - 1865 time period, that would be fine.

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