Officers (Captain, Lt./Adjutant and First Sergeant) and vacant board of directors positions are voted on by the membership at the annual meeting. Additional NCOs are appointed by the elected officers.


Captain John Baucom
Lieutenant/Adjutant Jeff Frank
1st Sergeant Stephen Harris
2nd Sergeant David James
Sergeant Brian Duckworth
Sergeant Tony Hine
Corporal Steve Earley
Corporal Dale Reynolds
Corporal Lucas Hamby
Company Clerk Walt Gaylor
Surgeon -
Associate Chaplains Perry Miller
  Kermit Myers
Provost Marshal Brad Hively
Deputy Provost Marshall Gordon Myers


President John Baucom
Treasurer Jeff Frank
Secretary Jeff Frank
Board of Directors Term
Walt Gaylor (2019-2020)
Darlene Bridges (2019-2020)
David James (2019-2020)
Jeff Frank (2019-2020)
Stephen Harris (Chair) (2020-2021)
Jeff Walton (2020-2021)
Steve Earley (2020-2021)
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